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The hatching season is behind us for 2019.  Welcome summer!  If you are interested in live chicks next year, orders are taken per hatch.  Send a $75 deposit money order or paper check to us when you confirm you wish to purchase.  Chicks or fertile eggs are available pick-up only.  We do not ship

NorthStar Hatchery is a Minnesota NPIP Hatchery dedicated to pure Marans.  All our birds are tested and monitored for disease.

Follow our Facebook page for updates and testimonies.  Sale birds are posted via and are pickup only.  We look forward to hearing from you!



We guarantee 10-12 live, healthy Marans chicks.  You will be updated when they are set, when candled and pickup date.  The price for each hatch is $150 for 10-12 chicks. If more hatch, the extras are available for $5 each when you pickup and pay for the balance.  A good hatch for us is 20 chicks of one variety. However, the extra chicks are no obligation, you are not required to purchase them. 

We do not vaccinate for Mareks disease.

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